Luggage Cake

Pack your Bags!  Paradise Island awaits your arrival.  Who wouldn’t want to get away?  Especially here in the east coast where we are braising for what meteorologists are calling a “historic” 2015 blizzard.  Estimated snow fall is 2 feet plus in some areas.  OMG… So,  for everyone on the east coast, I hope this luggage cake takes your mind off the snow storm for a brief moment and transport you to the crystal clear blue waters of some gorgeous island. The bride requested a luggage cake for her bridal shower since it was going to be a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. I used  two 9″ by 13″ cake pan. The luggage was covered in fondant and airbrushed.  All the hardware was made out of gumpaste, painted gold and left to dry overnight.  The shells are from a chocolate mold and dusted with shimmer to give it a bit of shine.  The luggage tag was fondant with a painted palm tree.  The passport, postcard, and picture of the couple was made out of edible paper. The cake board was covered with a world map. The sand on the front of the luggage was light brown sugar.  The globe was a last-minute thought.  I was rooming around the craft store when I came upon the small globe.  It was a good size and it seem to fit with the theme.





There was a lot of planning that went into designing this cake. It took a few days..(more like a week) from start to finish.  This cake was a lot of fun to make.  However, there were many things that I would have done differently. There was a definite learning curve. At the end of the day, I was happy with the results and more importantly the bride was too.

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