How to make buttercream rosette tutorial

Here’s an easy buttercream rosette technique that is great for  any occasion, from a birthday  to a wedding cake.  It is simple and yet beautiful.    Anyone can do it!  It may look complicated, but it’s not.  The tip is the key.  You can get this tip at any craft store.  All you need is a piping bag,  1M Wilton tip, some buttercream  and of course a cake.  The rosettes can also be done on individual cupcakes and cookies as well.  With this technique you don’t have to worry about having a smooth cake.  The rosettes will hide all the imperfections.  You can color the buttercream any color to fit your theme. This strawberry vanilla/chocolate cake was made with two colors white and pink buttercream.  First, I filled a piping bag with white buttercream, dipped a toothpick in pink gel food coloring and then made a streak in the bag.       Fresh strawberries adorn the top of the cake. IMG_1437     IMG_1422     IMG_1510     IMG_1506   Start the rosettes from the bottom to the top of the cake and go all the way around. To make the rosette, start in the center and make a swirl all the way around clockwise and then repeat.  Keep even pressure on the bag.  There are many other ways to make the rosettes and different tips you can use.  This is only one way. IMG_1507   Practice makes perfect!  Take a large piece of parchment paper lay it on the counter and practice making the rosettes.  You will be surprised how good you will get at making them.  They are so pretty!     IMG_1513     IMG_1505   IMG_1516      



      IMG_8047   IMG_6952   IMG_6945   Here is a  video on how to make these rosettes.  It is really that simple.     Check out my pinterest board for some ideas

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