Organize your ingredients!

IMG_1556Baking Tip # 2


Organize and count your ingredients. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to include an ingredient in my batter. This is a true story so don’t judge.

I must preface this with the fact that this was in the early days of my baking adventures.  I was so excited to bake on this particular day. It was a cake I had baked many times.  Nothing fancy, just your regular vanilla cake. As the story goes, I must have been sleepy or something because the cake was already in the oven looking pretty, when I realized that the eggs were sitting on the counter staring at me.  Well, you can finish the story from here…. Needless to say that’s how tip # 2 was born.


So what I do now, is I line up the ingredients on the counter or on a tray and cross check against the recipe. I count the number of ingredients in the recipe and then count the ingredients on the counter. Once I’m ready to put it all together, I remove each ingredient to the other side of the counter so I don’t make the mistake of putting it in twice or not at all. This tip has saved me so much time and aggravation.  Happy baking!


Do you have a baking tip you would like to share?

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