Valentine Cookies

What did you make for your valentine this year?  Instead of a box of chocolate this year, I decided to go with a box of fondant heart cookies.   These sugar cookies were made with my previous post of the  sugar cookie recipe.   If you are not so confident with writing with icing, you can try writing with food coloring.  I find it’s more forgiving and you have a bit more control.  All you need is a very small thin paint brush, food coloring mixed with a drop of clear vanilla extract. If you don’t have any extract you can use a drop of vodka.  That will work too.   You can also use other flavored extracts such lemon, almond, etc.  I say clear extract because if you use any extract that is dark or not clear, it can change the color that you are trying to achieve.  In this case, I used a drop of vodka with the Wilton black gel food coloring.  You can find the food coloring at any craft store.













Cookies before going into the oven.



I used a small cookie cutter and a medium sized one.


Cookies ready to be decorated.



Roll out the desired color fondant about 1/8 thick or whatever thickness you want.  Use any size heart shaped cookie cutter.




IMG_1584 IMG_1586


To adhere the fondant on the cookies, I brushed the back of the fondant heart that is going with a small amount of frosting.  You can also use a small amount of water as well.   Then, I used my fondant smoother to smooth out the fondant.  You can also practice a few times on a piece of fondant beforehand. This will give you a better sense of how the brush flow will feel in your hand and how big or small you want the letters to be.  As you can see, these are not perfect, but with practice it will be better every time!










The next few cookies were simply decorated with pink and red sprinkles.







All of these treats were made for my one and only.  He loved them!  Share what you made for your valentine!




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