8 Easter door decorations you can make yourself!

In this part of the country we are itching for spring and warmer weather.  Buried under all that snow, we are ready to welcome spring. Nothing says WELCOME like a beautiful  door wreath for Easter.

I’ve done all the work for you.  I found 8 beautiful Easter wreaths.  Here you will find some great inspiration for you to get started.  I’ve picked 8 of my favorites.

1.  How gorgeous is this pail full of tulips?  Tulips are definitely a sign of spring.  The mix of colors are just beautiful.  Love the pink, yellow and orange arrangement.  Remember all those times you pass right by those faux flowers at the craft store and wonder what can you do with them?  Well , Wonder no more!  Here’s a fun weekend project. With a little bit of patience you can create this gorgeous wreath!  Make sure the container you use is flat on the back so it can lay flush to the door.  You will need a glue gun, styrofoam, a bow to hang it and of course tons of tulips.

Spring Wreaths Tulips Farmhouse Door Wreaths Tulips Mother's Day Wreath Easter Wreaths Easter Tulips Trending Wreaths Shabby Chic Decor

2.  This yellow tulip wreath is less involved as the one above.  It is bright and simple.

Yellow Tulip Spring and Summer Wreath

3.  I like that this wreath has the flowers on one side and a monogram on the other.  The burlap bow gives it a rustic feel.

Spring Wreath Wreath for Spring Door Wreaths by OurSentiments, $70.00

4.  This wreath is made by painting different size plastic Easter eggs in your desired color.  This one is Robbin’s egg blue.  click on the photo for a tutorial on how to make it. Hang it with a brown bow.

Plastic egg spring wreath.  Just think of the colours you could use!

5.  If you don’t feel like painting the plastic eggs, use the eggs as is.  Make sure the eggs are completely closed.  Click on the picture for the tutorial.  Add a bow or not and use whatever colors you like!

What a great idea for Easter. Plastic Easter eggs hot glued to a foam wreath & 2 pieces of ribbon. How simple is that?

6.  So pretty!  Fabric styrofoam wreath.  Love the multicolors and the different size stryrofoam balls.  Click on the picture for the tutorial.

How to Make a Spring Wreath • Lots of great Ideas & Tutorials!

7.  Another fabric styrofoam wreath.  click on the picture for a step by step tutorial.

Fabric Ball Wreath - I am so excited about my spring wreath in aqua, lemongrass green, and gray patterns! It looks fabulous in our house and would look super cute in a nursery! {The Love Nerds} #crafts #springwreath




8.  How cute is this bunch of carrots made out of mesh.  Click on the picture for the tutorial.

How to Make Deco Mesh Carrots for Easter and Spring

Happy decorating everyone!  Make something beautiful!

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