Here are some fun easy cupcake ideas for your Easter celebrations.

Impress your family and friends on Easter with this cute nest cupcake.  Super easy! Make the cupcake with your favorite recipe or click here for the versatile vanilla and chocolate cupcake recipe.  Decorate it with white buttercream frosting.  Add chocolate shavings.  You can use a cheese grater or a serrated knife to shave the chocolate.  I use any chocolate I have on hand or my favorite Gerardelli’s.  Then add 3 small jelly bean eggs and voila!  You can find these eggs at any drugstore.

a-dorable!! robin's eggs candy and shaved chocolate nests <3



This cupcake uses chocolate sprinkles  for the nest and chocolate frosting.  Love the different egg colors. Simple!

Easter Bird's Nest Cupcakes



I love all of these cupcakes, but I think the next one is my favorite!  The three chicks are so adorable.  Too cute to eat right?

To make the yellow grass like frosting use a Wilton grass tip #233.  The frosting has to be a bit more stiff so that it can hold its shape.  To make the nest, you can use a couple of things, 1.  Wilton tip # 5.  2.  You can use a fondant gun extruder.  Don’t know what a fondant gun extruder is? Click here.   Put a small log of brown fondant in the capsule with the small hole plate and push the fondant through to make the string. For the beak use a small piece of orange fondant.  The chicks can be made with yellow fondant or yellow jelly beans. If you use jelly beans add a dab of frosting to hold the beak.Then add 2 black dots for the eyes.

Delightful Easter Cupcakes.

Marshmallow Easter bunny ears.  This couldn’t be easier!  Take one large marshmallow cut it diagonally.  Once cut, you will have two ears.  Dab the inside of the ear with a small amount of frosting, leaving the outer edge white.   Then dip the ears in pink sprinkles.   You can also add eyes and a bunny mouth.  Kids will love these!  Click here for a more detailed tutorial.

Bunny Ear Cupcakes using marshmallows


This carrot cupcake couldn’t be any easier!  You can use crushed Oreo cookies mixed with chocolate frosting to look like dirt. Add Orange frosting to resemble the carrot.  For the green part of the carrot, you can use a variety of things such as green fondant, green gummy candy rolled out flat or green fruit roll up works great.

Garden Carrot Cupcakes - Your Cup of Cake


Hope you enjoyed looking through these cupcakes for inspiration.  Leave a comment or share with your friends.  Remember, Make something beautiful!

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