Fire Truck Cake

Who doesn’t love a blue firetruck?  This cake was made for a 3-year-old who is obsessed with firetrucks.  His favorite color is blue so he wanted a blue firetruck. What doesn’t make sense about that?   Well, Brendan your wish is my command!
I had a few hours to bake and decorate this cake, so excuse all the imperfections.  The cake and accessories were all made out of fondant.  The writing” Happy Birthday Brendan” were spelled out from letter cutouts.

Love his cute little hands.  He was so excited!  He couldn’t wait to get his hands on the cake!



If you want to check out where I got the inspiration for this particular firetruck cake click on the video.



This firetruck took a little more time to decorate.  The ladder on top of the truck was made out of white chocolate and the one on the side was fondant.  The lights were made from gummy candy.  The cute little  dalmatian is a toy.   I thought it was perfect.



The hydrant and the hose were done freehand.


The tires were black fondant.


View from the top.



View from the side/back.


Front view.  The lights were gummy candy.



Another side view.



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Remember, Make something beautiful!








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