Coral and Mint…Stunning!!

Island breeze
Love, love, love, this color palette!  Today I’m bring you this gorgeous coral dress paired with beautiful mint accessories.  The pumps are just the right height for you platform lovers.  That includes me!  The teardrop earrings are luscious! The crossbody messenger bag so stylish.  Perfect for a summer wedding.  Speaking of weddings!  Here are some coral and mint ideas if you are planning a wedding!  Enjoy!
 coral and mint wedding ideas
Simply beautiful!
An entire blog dedicated to #mint #wedding ideas to incorporate into your big day - from floral to fashion and decor to dessert - tons of cool ideas with photos!
@Jess Liu Lannon I love all these colors together too. If you search Mint Green and Coral it comes up with a bunch of cool themes. One even has a peach color!
 Hop on over to ruffledblog for a one of a kind coral and mint beach wedding in South Africa.  What a destination!  You won’t be disappointed!
coral bridesmaids dresses - photo by Nadia Meli
this wedding cake is almost too pretty to eat! ADD <3 <3 DIY
Thanks so much for looking!  Leave a comment, share if you enjoyed this post! Hope you were inspired to make something beautiful!

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