Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas… Tissue Pom Poms

For some reason, Mother’s Day always sneaks up on me.  I usually have this elaborate plan in my head about how I’m going to decorate the house and make all the crafts and food from scratch. Yeah right!  Who am I kidding?   There just isn’t enough time in the day! But I do try to plan the day, somewhat….  I love to host Mother’s Day every year at my house. Usually  there are about 20 people, give or take a few.   I love this day because I get to honor not only my beautiful, kind and loving mother but all the important women in my life, especially my sisters.  It’s a chance for us to come together and catch up from a long winter’s nap! …And it has been a long winter in New England.  We sure have a lot to talk about since one of ours sisters is getting married this summer!  How exciting!  I’m sure there will be lots of posts about that in the future.

So, Once I figure out my guest list, I begin to work on the catered menu.  Knowing that I don’t have to cook is a big relief. That means I have more time to focus on other things like, decorations, the cake and/or cupcakes and most importantly spending time with my guests.

One of the easiest decorations that I use is the tissue pom poms.  If you don’t have time for any other decorations, I highly recommend the tissue pom poms.  They are inexpensive! You can make it yourself or if you are pressed for time you can buy it.  I’ve made so many of them.  I often reuse them depending on what color I need.  I make lots of white ones and then add the pop of color.  It is simply beautiful!  It will add that extra pizzaz and color to you party.  They look great hung from the ceiling, on the table or on the wall as a backdrop.  You can add a green tissue leaf to make it look like a flower. This is definitely my go to decoration! You can make in all different sizes.  The small ones are super cute.  You can add them on top of a present instead of a bow.  Here are a few inspirations for you!

Head on over to twotwentyone to learn how to make these beautiful pom poms.  She has a great step by step tutorial.

Easy decoration for kids' parties, baby showers, etc.

Pink & Gold Tissue Paper Pom Poms  4 Piece by PrettywithSprinkles, $15.50

Tons of great decoration ideas, including ice cream cone-balloons, tissue box utensil holders, and chalkboard placemats!


Formulas for tissue paper pom-poms in large, medium & small sizes

DIY: Tissue Paper Flowers {with tutorial!} #DIY #PartyIdea #PartyDecor So cute for a fairy or garden party

If you want to learn how to make the tissue pom poms check out this video.  Make something beautiful!

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