Window boxes  are a perfect way to add some color to the exterior of your house.  It adds character and it is a great way for a beginning gardener who wants to start small.  It’s less intimidating than trying to plant in a larger space.  The arrangement possibilities are endless! I’ve always enjoyed driving around and admiring other people’s window boxes.  They are all so charming and seem to have their own personalities.   You can dress them up any way you like.

There are so many different kinds of displays.  I love them all, from the very simple to the very elaborate ones with an abundance of beauties.  The hard part is choosing what kind of flowers to display.

I have window boxes on my porch and backyard.  I’ve planted herbs  as well as flowers.  They are easy to maintain and they look amazing!  But I’ve never had them on actual windows.  I’ve been wanting them for so long!

The weather has been a little too cold lately, so I have not planted as much.  In fact, I have not planted at all. I bought a bunch of pansies last week and they have been sitting on my porch longing for warmer days even though I know they can tolerate the cold.  I’m hoping to get to them ASAP.

I am so excited because I finally just ordered two black window boxes from Home Depot for the two windows in front of my house.  They are Cape Cod style window boxes which go great with the look of my house.  I have a white house with a black front door and black shutters.  The window boxes should be here in the next week or so.  I’m sure the Cookie Monster will be drilling those in and I’m sure I will be baking more cookies! I never get anything for nothing these days!  One day I’ll learn how to use the drill!  But for now, the pleasure is all his!

This is what my new window boxes will look like.

I am looking for some ideas of flowers to plant.  I have gathered some beautiful arrangements below.


amazing windowboxes





Follow the Magic Formula








full sun window box low water drought tolerant vinca


window box

Flower box tips



window box wonderland -- lots of great ideas


Which ones do you like the best? What would you suggest? Do you have window boxes?  What do you think of them?  Leave a comment, like or share with your friends.  Remember, make something beautiful!

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