PEONIES…beauties in the garden

Peonies are one of the most beautiful flowers in the garden.  They come in a variety of colors, look great in borders and to top it off, they revisit every year.   That’s the beauty of these perennial flowers.  They are low maintenance and make wonderful cut flowers.  If you are getting married this summer, peonies are a great choice for your bouquet or centerpieces.  With their showy blooms and soft colors they are sure to delight your guests.

Pink Peonies make for the perfect  bouquet

Brides: The 10 Best Wedding Flower Ideas of 2010 .....i think i may use peonies and hydrangeas :)



This has been a very harsh winter here in the east coast.  The peonies have gotten a late start.  If you are thinking of growing some this year you will not be disappointed. They are easy to grow.  Once they’ve established in your garden, they require very little care.  All they need is a moist well drained soil and full sun.  They can tolerate drought pretty well.  So, in other words you can’t kill them.

Here are some of the peonies in my garden from last year.  Because some peonies tend to topple over, it’s a good idea to to stake them or grow them against a fence so they can have something to hold them up.  At the same time, I love how they do fall over and peak through the fence.  These white peonies are called Peony Campagna.  They are rare and hard to find.  I’ve had these for years.  I’m not sure where I purchased them.  They have large blooms with a golden center.  They remind me of a sunny side up egg.  They are beautiful as cut flowers. 


IMG_2545 IMG_2546            IMG_9140     IMG_2552  IMG_2550

IMG_2551  IMG_5398

IMG_2514_2  IMG_2515



Did you know you can divide peonies and share it with a fellow gardener?  Half of my peonies are from division. I have about 10 peonies plants in my garden.  The best time to divide peonies is toward the end of the summer or early fall.  This is a great way to have different varieties in your garden as well.  If you would like to learn how to divide them, click here. 

Here are some inspiration for your own garden.

Beautiful peonies . . . and garden!  beautiful garden path just to the right of the flower bed!

Tasha Tudor's Garden by Tovah Martin, photographed by Robert Brown as seen on, see full post:

Living in a sub-tropical climate I cannot grow beautiful Peonies. The Peony Border at Penshurst Place

Hope you’ve enjoyed some of the peonies in my garden.

Make something beautiful!  Feel free to comment, share and like.  Happy gardening!

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