The Rose Garden…Boston

If you get a chance this summer and you are in the Boston area, you have to visit The Kelleher Rose Garden on the Fenway.  It is one of the most spectacular, breathtaking rose gardens I’ve ever seen.  In the middle of the city, there’s this secret garden, filled with hundreds of different types of roses.  It is peaceful, and picturesque.    A little piece of paradise…


As you enter the garden, you are greeted by arbors after arbors of cascading roses. There are roses of every color. On the perimeter of the garden, there are rose bushes that smell like perfume.  Each one smelling better than the other.  There are romantic benches along the way in case you want to sit, have lunch and enjoy the sight!

In the center of the garden, there’s a beautiful water fall feature surrounded by more flowers and statues.  If you stop and listen the sound will transport you to a serene, calm state of mind.







<b>Kelleher Rose Garden, Boston</b>.


























I also have a rose garden with about 80 or so different types of roses.  I pack a lot in a small space.  The roses are just starting to open a few at a time.   They should be in full bloom within the next couple of weeks.  Although I have beautiful roses, it certainly doesn’t compare to The Kelleher Rose Garden!  Stay tuned I will post some pictures of my own rose garden soon!

I can not wait to return this year to The kelleher Rose Garden when the roses are in full bloom!

Here is a video tour of the garden for your viewing pleasure if you are unable to visit.  I hope this post has inspired you to make something Beautiful!  Thanks for stopping by!

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