Alice in Wonderland Bridal Shower…Dessert Table part 2

I’m so excited to finally bring you the Alice in Wonderland themed bridal shower for my sister Jackie.  I can’t believe it came and went already.  Even though It was a rainy Sunday, it was still a beautiful and memorable day.  They don’t call it bridal showers for nothing! I just hope that we met her expectations!

But first, the venue…

Alice in wonderland

I will share one part of the bridal shower at a time.  There is so much to share…  Check out my last post on invitations.  On this particular post the focus is on the dessert table.  The colors were pinks, blues, whites, greens and some black accents.  I wanted to make the table visually interesting by creating different heights.  I used cake stands, books, teacups, teapots and dessert platters in similar colors.  I also purchased tiny frames in various colors to label the desserts.

The backdrop was made by putting together two poster boards.  The kind kids use for science projects.  It was the same length as the table.  The backdrop helped to frame the table and gave it some depth.  The backdrop was wrapped in white matte wrapping paper from paper-source.  If you decide to make one for your table, make sure you don’t get the shiny wrapping paper because it will have a glare when you photograph it.

For months, I had looked everywhere for the perfect skirt for the table.  One day I happened to stop by Jo-Ann’s Fabric and Craft Store for something else, when I came upon this beautiful shear ruffled material.  The blue ruffled table skirt was perfect.  I also purchased a pink ruffled skirt and a light green lace(which you will see at a later post).  The material was a bit pricey per yard, but I could not resist. That was the one!  Nothing else would’ve done!

Please note that these pictures were taken by an amazing photographer David H. Goff.  Please take a moment and visit his website.  Thank you David for making everything look so spectacular!

Pink and white strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Sugar cookies drizzled with pink chocolate

Meringue cookies

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with butter cream icing  adorned with mini fondant teapot toppers.

Marshmellows dipped in chocolate.


Cake pops in pretty blue, pink green and white.


This is a 10″ vanilla cake with edible Alice in Wonderland images.  The fondant teapot was made out of rice krispies treats and pink fondant roses.  Spout and teapot handle was made out of gumpaste.


photograph by Edna keefe

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.  Stay tuned for the decorations on my next post.  Please feel free to share, like or leave a comment.  Remember make something beautiful!

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