Back to School…beginning of the school year read alouds

Welcome back to school everyone!  Where did the summer go?  September is an incredibly busy month.  Here in Boston we are in full swing.  There are 101 things on my to do list.  But somehow things will get done and students will settle in (remember don’t smile until Christmas)!  I promise myself I will try to do one thing at a time and not try to multi task. Not sure how long that will last, but that’s my goal.

Today, I want to share with you some beginning of the school year read  alouds that are very popular among my second graders.  These books hook them right in and creates a ” reading buzz” in the classroom.  This is a great way to get your reluctant readers interested in reading right away.  What are some of your favorites?

This is a great series.  The illustrations are as funny as the stories.  In The Teacher From the Black Lagoon  Hubie is nervous about meeting his teacher.  He let’s his imagination run wild and thinks his teacher is a monster.

In The Class From The Black Lagoon, the roles are reversed.  The teacher is nervous waiting for her unruly class to arrive.

In The principal from the Black Lagoon, Hubie is sent to the principal’s office only to find out that the principal is the former Teacher from the Black Lagoon. Yikes!

The Principal from the Black Lagoon

There is a new kid on the block and he’s a bully.  In The Bully From The Black Lagoon, Hubie is nervous about meeting the new kid.  He’s heard all kinds of rumors.

The Recess Queen is a great book to get your students talking about bullying.

In Miss Nelson is Missing, the students in Miss Nelson’s class are misbehaving.  Ms. Nelson devises a plan and disappears and comes back as Viola Swamp “the substitute”.  The students don’t like it one little bit.  Eventually Ms. Nelson comes back to a better behaved classroom.

Miss Nelson Is Missing!

Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook literally brings the fairy tale characters to life.  The illustrations are colorful and detailed.  Zack is in second grade.  He has a sense that this school year will be different.  Story time will never be the same.  One day Miss smith is late to school and the principal takes over the class. Things don’t go as planned.  This story will delight your students!

In Miss Smith Reads Again, Miss Smith takes her class into The Lost World of the dinosaurs. She warns them not to interfere with the characters because the story needs to end correctly and the characters have to go back into the book.

Miss Smith Reads Again!

In Miss Smith Under the Ocean, Miss Smith reads from her incredible storybook and take her students on a field trip to the aquarium.  What will Miss Smith do when a storm threatens the trip?

Miss Smith Under the Ocean -

Get Ready for a scary Halloween tale.  In Miss Smith and the Haunted library, the class visits a spooky library and things get a bit out of hand.

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