Organizing in the New Year…

The new year is here and January is always a good month to refresh, declutter and get organized.  Whether your New Year’s resolution is to get healthier, buy less, give more or try something new, getting organized is always at the top of my list.  It is an ongoing love affair at work and at home.

With our busy lives, keeping things clutter free and organized can be a challenge and even overwhelming  at times.  I know for me, being organized means having some sense of control and feeling calm.  Also, it  gives me a sense of accomplishment.  But we can all take small steps to help us feel more organized this coming year.

One of the first things is to start small.  Just like with any goal, we want to make it attainable.  Set your self up for success.  If you think about organizing your entire house then the goal becomes too overwhelming and you are more likely to give up.  But if you start small the task will seem doable.  You can start with a drawer or a small area.

I started with my mail area or command center.  This is a constant battle.  The papers have a tendency to pile up.  Sometimes I want to just pick it and dump the whole thing in the trash without even looking at the stuff that needs my attention.  But I know if I do that, then I might miss something important. That won’t work! So back to plan B and organizing that nagging sight!

Here is the before and after.  Like I said this is a work in progress.  Things are constantly changing.  To begin, I found things around the house I already had.  Don’t be afraid to reuse and re-purpose.  You will be surprised how a pretty glass, a cup or box can breath new life in a space.  Start with a small area and work yourself up.  Don’t try to organize all in one day.


Here is my big pile of mess before!



This is the wall calendar before…  What a disaster!



Less cluttered…



This white mail center was purchased at Homegoods.  It keeps everything tidy.



I love these vintage post cards.  They make me smile every time I look at them.  Some of the magnets I made myself.  The butterflies are 3D stickers. I decided to glue a magnet on the back.  The Dr. Seuss ones were made by cutting out small pictures (just google Dr. Seuss books) of his books glued onto a small rectangular wooden frame(you can find these rectangular wooden frames at Michael’s).  Then I used Mod Podge to seal it and then glued a magnet on the back as well.



The strawberry container holds clips.









Plan when and what area you’re going to tackle next.  It is a good idea to make a list.  It provides a visual and you can check things off as you do them.  There are many different kinds of lists.  Keep it simple.  You can do a daily or a weekly list.  Click on the picture to print out these 3 simple to do lists.   Check out for more.  These lists it will definitely keep you on track.


Here are some inspirations and ideas to get you started on your own projects.

simple as that: Budget Friendly Family Command Center:


Kitchen Command Centre Idea - we will need something like this once the office upstairs is gone! Like the idea of the monthly budget being right there, but not on the calander for everyone to see.:


Love this command center! Home mail organization is always something I need to fine tune.:

Home Organization Tips - SO SMART!! - Page 2 of 2 - Princess Pinky Girl - Princess Pinky Girl // Powered by chloédigital:

50 Organizing Ideas For Every Room in Your House — JaMonkey - Atlanta Mom Blogger | Parenting & Lifestyle:


#19. Create a small space command center to stay organized! | 29 Sneaky Tips For Small Space Living:


Add Built-In Bins - now the next question is how to attach things to my glossy cabinet wall...:


Family school command station and family area work station:


For our countertop. Bills, random "I'll file this later" papers, catalogs, appointments, etc.:

Get organized with a chalkboard calendar - check out this tutorial which includes FREE printables!

Hope you enjoyed this post.  Share or leave a comment!  Thanks for looking!




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