It’s your lucky day!

This week I’m bringing you a little bit of the “Luck of the Irish”.  St. Patrick’s Day is this coming week March 17 and here in Boston the preparation for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is underway. Move over snow!

Here are some ideas to make your celebration extra sweet.

If you love Andes mint, this is the cupcake for you. Top it with peppermint buttercream frosting.   Click here for the recipe.

Andes Mint St Patrick's Day Cupcakes @Grandma Juice



This is for the Oreo cookie lover.  Love the cupcake liner.  So festive! click here.

Mint Oreo Cupcakes



Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies Click here.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies from The Food Charlatan



How about a fun and easy shamrock punch for your kiddos?  All you need are two ingredients.  Click here for the recipe.  Serve it in ball jar and add a matching straw.  This is also a great idea for a baby or a bridal shower.  You can use any kind of sherbert.  It looks so pretty in a punch bowl.  It taste delicious and refreshing.

Lime Sherbet Floats for St. Patrick's Day fun -- a kid-favorite treats that only needs 2 ingredients & 2 minutes! #stpatricksday


Here is a quick idea…Get green m&m’s, fill a jar then add a cute tag Adorable!

Awesome Free Printable and St. Patrick's Day Gift Idea by @Matt Valk Chuah 36th Avenue .com


Love this idea.  Fill a cellophane bag with Rolo chocolates or any gold wrapper chocolate with this cute “Our friendship is Golden” tag and give it to a special friend this week.

Our Friendship is Golden Favors- St. Patricks Day - cute friend gift


After all this baking, show of your nails with this green and gold nail polish by China Glaze.  So pretty!

16 Stellar Manis That Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day via Brit + Co.



Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!  Make Something Beautiful!

Giant Cupcake Pan

I must confess, I’m not a big fan of cake pan molds.  But when I found the giant cupcake mold the other day I was in love.  Ideas just started pouring out of my head.  This cake mold is so versatile.  I wanted a reason to use it and since Dr. Seuss’s birthday was approaching, I thought why not bake a cake in his honor.

As I mention in my last post Dr. Seuss birthday party ideas,  I had a a surprise for my students. I was so excited about baking this cake.  When I presented my second graders  with the cake, they were in awe!  They couldn’t believe that it was a real cake.  They had so many questions about how I made this and how I made that!  I told them I would answer all of their questions before we cut the cake.  So here it is!

The cherry on top is a ball of fondant rolled in red sugar crystals.  It gave it a little bit of sparkle.

The red sprinkles on the cupcake was made by rolling a tiny ball of red fondant and shaping it like a log. I didn’t add too many sprinkles because by that time, I was getting a bit tired.

For the hat, I used 2 different size round cookie cutters.  I stacked and tilted the hat alternating colors.  For the fish bowl, I took some fondant, shaped it like a fishbowl and added a small red fondant fish. The black lines were made from black gel food coloring.  The label”Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss” was made from paper on my computer.


Make sure you butter or spray the cake pans so your cake comes out easily.  I use Pillsbury baking spray with flour.  It works great.  Never had a problem.


Once the cake was completely cooled, I leveled it right in the pan.  So much easier than removing the cake first. I crumb coated with some frosting and then covered it.  I found it was easier to cover both parts of the cake with fondant before stacking them.  Also, I used a cookie sheet under the cupcake pan and put it in the oven so if there were any overspill of the batter then the pan would catch it.  Less clean up.




To make the cupcake swirl more distinct, I rolled out a long thin fondant log and  placed  it around the top of the cake, covered it in blue fondant and then smoothed in between the swirls with my fingers.


The base of the cake was covered in white fondant.  I used a ball tool to give the sides a more defined line around the cupcake.


This cake was fun to make.  You can decorate it with any theme ideas, for kids as well as adults.


Here are some ideas and inspirations!  Make something sweet!



Giant Cupcake


Movie night cake! Great idea for big cupcake cake mold. add marshmallows to the top to make the popcorn!

Plant pot cake


How To Frost Cupcakes

Do you want to make gorgeous swirls on your cupcakes? Do your cupcakes look flat when you frost them? Perhaps you’re not using the right tips. Not all tips are created equal. Today, I want to share with you how to make easy beautiful swirls on your cupcakes that won’t go flat on you. With a little bit of practice and the right tools, your cupcakes will be the hit of your next party.

How gorgeous are these cupcakes? So colorful and fun for any occasion.  These beautiful cupcakes from Glorious Treats gives you an idea of what tips to use.

Simply the BEST tutorial on How to Frost Cupcakes!

What you will need:

Decorator bag

Buttercream/frosting icing
Wilton #2A Round Decorating Tip

Drop Flower Tip #2D Wilton
Wilton Tips Star 2110

  Wilton 1M open star tipWilton Decorating Open Star Icing Tip #4B

 Wilton 418-1703 Round Star Icing Tip Set, Large

All my all my decorator tips are from Wilton. It’s just what I’m used to. They come in many sizes.   You can find the tips at any craft store or Amazon. Different tips give you different results. It all depends on what look you’re going for. If you just want to try but don’t have the tips. Just fill a piping bag (you can also use a large zip lock bag) and snip the ends depending on how big you want to opening to be.

If you are just starting out, don’t try to do too many different decorations on your cupcakes. Try one tip at a time, and once you feel confident about how your cupcake looks, then try a different tip. That way you won’t get frustrated and give up. Make sure that your frosting is not too soft. If your frosting is too soft add a little bit of confectioner sugar and mix until you get the consistency that you want. If your frosting is too stiff, add a little bit of water. You don’t want your frosting to run once it’s on your cupcake. The right frosting consistency will help with the fullness and the frosting will hold its shape on the cupcake.

Step 1

Fill your bag bag with frosting.   You will get more control of the bag if you don’t overfill it.

Step 2

Start with any of the above Wilton tips. In order to get a full beautiful cupcake you need to be generous with your frosting. Start from the center or start from the side of the cupcake. I like to start from the center and work clockwise around the cupcake overlapping each round on top of each layer and ending in the middle. This is about 4 layers of frosting. When you get to the top release.   You should have a nice full somewhat tall cupcake.

Here’s a great video using some these tips.  Have fun!